The Long Dark Sandbox Hotfixed to v.301


Hello all,

We’ve just hotfixed The Long Dark Sandbox Mode to v.301, to address the following issues:


– Fixed issue with parts of a Cave in Timberwolf Mountain disappearing when running Low or Medium Quality visual settings.
– Fixed issue with GPU over-usage when game not in focus.
– Fixed issue with player being stuck if attacked while climbing.
– Fixed problem with wildlife spawning at incorrect locations during player Rest (ex. mountain ledge).
– Fixed issue with the game saving when player at 0% Condition (death).
– Fixed issue with maximum fire duration stat being tracked when fires left burning in unloaded scenes, resulting in very long burn time stats.
– Fixed issue with world explored stat sometimes being incorrect when starting a new game.
– Fixed issue with initial fade from black on main menu being stuck, if the player mashes buttons before main menu load. [Controller]
– Fixed issue with being able to switch food items while cooking.
– Fixed issue where damage events were displayed when menu screens were open.
– Fixed issue with pain effects potentially turning blue when stacked together.
– Fixed animation glitches with the Distress Pistol, if trying to fire before aimed.
– Fixed issue with being able to switch food items while cooking.
– Fixed issues with stacked items not transferring from a container correctly.
– Added check to give a non-duplicate default name for new saves (ex. multiple “SANDBOX 1” names).
– Gamepad B button now always cancels text input in Log. [Controller]
– We now display item Condition in the harvest section of the Examine screen.
– Fixed colour of text on the Crafting screen.
– You can now use WASD and arrow keys to scroll through the Log.



– The Hinterland Team

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