The Long Dark Sandbox Alpha — Hotfix to v.270



We’ve just hotfixed The Long Dark to v.270 on Steam and Xbox One, to address the following issues.

* Fixed crash at startup that was affecting some Windows systems.
* Fixed issue with “Savegame Inconsistencies” message being shown incorrectly. All games that erroneously received this message will still have scores uploaded to Leaderboards.
* Re-calibrated Mouse Sensitivity to address issues introduced in a previous update.
* Added option to disable Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) for High and Ultra Display settings.
* We now dynamically update FOV based on multi-monitor setups. Previously, we only checked at game launch.
* Fixed issue that could sometimes cause gear to be duplicated when restoring an old save.
* Fixed issue with vehicles losing loot in trunks/gloveboxes when restoring an old save.
* Fixed bug that could rarely cause containers to disappear when doing a save/load.
* Added a small number of random spawn arrows and arrowheads, spread across the game world.
* Fixed issue where Improvised Hatchet was unable to harvest Birch and Maple Saplings.
* Fixed issue with getting stuck around The Riken in Desolation Point.
* Fixed issue with getting stuck in ice near Matt’s Truck in Desolation Point.
* Fixed Matt’s Truck so that players can no longer enter and get stuck inside it.
* Fixed issue with getting stuck along Skeeter’s Ridge in Pleasant Valley.
* Fixed issue with getting stuck in Broken Highway transition zone.
* Fixed issue with weather sometimes appearing to change immediately after leaving a building.
* Re-tuned low Condition blur effect to be less punishing.
* Fixed localization issues with status bar text.
* Fixed issue with location reveal text sometimes staying on screen permanently.
* Fixed issue with Required Material text always being red in the Repair UI. Now it’s only red if the player does not have the material.
* Fixed issue where Scarf Repair did not require the same tools as other clothing Repair actions.
* Fixed issue where arrow keys were not valid when turning Safe dials.
* Fixed issue where rifle would lag when turning camera while aiming. (Steam only)
* Fixed issue that could sometimes cause Reishi Tea to not provide medicinal benefits. (Steam only)


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