Business Development & Marketing (Publishing)


• Full-Time

We're looking for a marketing and business development veteran to join the team at Hinterland, in anticipation of continued growth of our open-world survival IP, The Long Dark, and other projects. This is an externally-focused publishing role within our blended development/publishing studio model.

The focus of this role is on nurturing and maintaining existing business relationships, as well as supporting the growth of the studio's original IP as it expands across new interactive projects, and into new mediums (graphic novels, film, television, etc.), as well as strategic licensing/merchandising opportunities where they make sense. This encompasses not only the growth of the existing business, but the innovative marketing of ongoing content updates and products set in "The Long Dark" IP, as well as a full suite of marketing and communications efforts in support of new original IP projects, both in-house and, in some cases, with external creator partners.

The ideal candidate has extensive experience in the marketing, communications, and business operations of small to medium-scale entertainment companies, with an emphasis on original digital entertainment. You should have a firm understanding and strong relationships in place with the primary existing platform partners in the games space (Steam, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, etc.) and also an eye to the future of the industry. Knowledge and relationships in place with non-games media entities (ex. Netflix, Hulu, Apple, etc.) and the major book and comic book publishing companies would be an advantage for this role. Hinterland delivers entertainment experiences to a worldwide audience, so a strong understanding of marketing and distribution trends in new and emerging markets, as well as the established markets in North America and EMEA, is required. 

This is a blended strategic and tactical/operations role: you will be expected to develop well-researched strategic plans as well as spearhead their execution, under the guidance of the studio director. You will become a "brand champion" and oversee all external communication around Hinterland's IP, including supervising content across all public-facing channels. You will also be expected to research and support the development of new partnerships with the intent of building out Hinterland's capabilities as a cross-platform entertainment creator. You'll be required to construct and maintain a strategic marketing content plan, will support the planning and communication around all release, update, and sales events, and thus need to intimately understand the optimal use of the various tools and platforms at our disposal (social media, forums, web, video, etc.). And finally, you will need to do this while balancing the limited resources of a small (but growing!) independent entertainment company. Creativity and an innovative approach are key!

Similar roles in other studios that might serve as a meaningful equivalent: marketing communications manager, business development manager, strategic marketing, brand manager, etc.

Hinterland is a virtual studio. We support this distributed model with regular face-to-face team meetings, so some travel will be required. To facilitate communication in our distributed development environment, we prefer candidates who are able to work core hours that overlap with the Pacific Time Zone. Candidates who are legally permitted to work in Canada are preferred, but our first priority is hiring the best people we can find. We are a small team and intend to stay that way, so everyone we hire needs to be exceptional.

If you think this position sounds interesting and you meet the qualifications, we invite you to send your resume and cover letter to:



Hinterland is an equal-opportunity employer. The studio is comprised of a multi-national, multi-ethnic team. We value a diversity of backgrounds. We also value veteran experience and a strong work ethic that supports the studio’s culture and values. Our work ethic and production methodology is built around a “Getting Shit Done” paradigm. We embrace a flexible working environment that affords our team members the opportunity to enjoy family time and exercise self-care. We balance this out with very high expectations about the quality of output from everyone on the team. We offer a variety of perks, but do not believe perks are the same thing as culture.

(Also, everyone who joins our team gets a pair of slippers. They are nice slippers.)

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