Interested in working at Hinterland, but don’t see a job posting that matches your skills and experience? Don’t worry about it. We’re a world-class team and we want to work with the best people out there. If you’re one of the best, shoot us a message – we’d love to hear from you. We might not have a place for you at the moment, but you never know what the future might bring. Please send your portfolio, LinkedIn profile, and a short note explaining why we should hire you.



Hinterland is an equal-opportunity employer. The studio is comprised of a multi-national, multi-ethnic team. We value a diversity of backgrounds. We also value veteran experience and a strong work ethic that supports the studio’s culture and values. Our work ethic and production methodology is built around a “Getting Stuff Done” paradigm. We embrace a flexible working environment that affords our team members the opportunity to enjoy family time and exercise self-care. We balance this out with very high expectations about the quality of output from everyone on the team. We offer a variety of perks, but do not believe perks are the same thing as culture.

(Also, everyone who joins our team gets a pair of slippers. They are nice slippers.)

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