Mission Designers (senior level)


• Full-Time

Note that these are senior-level positions in mission design. Please do not submit an application if you do not meet the stated requirements.

We're looking for talented, veteran mission designers to join the team at Hinterland. In this role, you need to have a well-developed sense of how to create compelling objectives and memorable player experiences within an existing gameplay and narrative framework, and be able to use an existing scripting system to implement your own mission designs from conception, through implementation, playtesting, bug fixing, and final polish. Experience creating mission content for open-world games is absolutely essential. 

In this role, you will work with a cross-disciplinary team of artists, animators, programmers, and designers, and under the direction of the project creative director. You will be expected to document, prototype, implement, and iterate on your designs based on feedback from playtesters and other members of the development team.

In addition to mission scripting work, you will collaborate with animators and programmers to implement "choreographed" narrative sequences in support of mission content, and may be asked to design and maintain a variety of narrative gameplay systems that support the authored experience.

You should have extensive mission design experience, strong technical design and scripting experience, excellent communication and documentation skills, and a comfort working with the Unity editor or other similar game editing tools. We are looking for senior mission designers, so please have at least 5 years of experience contributing to the design and implementation of core mission content, preferably on award-winning triple-A or “indie” titles. In addition to the above, we are also interested in candidates who specifically have experience creating content for innovative co-operative games or game modes.

Similar roles or titles from other studios that might match up to this role include: senior level designers, senior narrative designers, senior technical designers, senior quest designers (on MMOs), etc.

Hinterland is a virtual studio. We support this distributed model with regular face-to-face team meetings, so some travel will be required. To facilitate communication in our distributed development environment, we prefer candidates who are able to work core hours that overlap with the Pacific Time Zone. Candidates who are legally permitted to work in Canada are preferred, but our first priority is hiring the best people we can find. We are a small team and intend to stay that way, so everyone we hire needs to be exceptional.

If you think this position sounds interesting and you meet the qualifications, we invite you to send your resume and cover letter to:



Hinterland is an equal-opportunity employer. The studio is comprised of a multi-national, multi-ethnic team. We value a diversity of backgrounds. We also value veteran experience and a strong work ethic that supports the studio’s culture and values. Our work ethic and production methodology is built around a “Getting Shit Done” paradigm. We embrace a flexible working environment that affords our team members the opportunity to enjoy family time and exercise self-care. We balance this out with very high expectations about the quality of output from everyone on the team. We offer a variety of perks, but do not believe perks are the same thing as culture.

(Also, everyone who joins our team gets a pair of slippers. They are nice slippers.)

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