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We're looking for an intermediate, to senior-level, human resources specialist to support Hinterland's current development team, as well as our growth plans for 2018 and beyond. Specifically, we would like to bring someone into the team who can focus on helping to ensure our current culture thrives, the team is happy and productive, and that their needs for personal development are being met. 

As a distributed team, we have some pretty specific requirements and a particular kind of development culture that takes a unique approach, so we're looking for someone with a breadth of experience helping to manage team growth and culture expansion in small to medium-sized entertainment companies, but an "out of the box" thinker who isn't simply parroting common human resources practices. You need to bring some fresh ideas to the table.

The ideal candidate is fully up to date on all Canadian employment regulations, has experience dealing with immigration and visa applications, and has administered employee benefits programs. Experience with establishing employee training programs, employee performance management strategies and feedback systems, as well as general recruitment and retention activities, is highly desired.

You should also be well connected in the games industry, draw from a deep personal network for recruitment purposes, be up to date on current remuneration and benefits practices, be passionate about team culture and issues around employment equality, and be excited to help Hinterland continue to pioneer a positive, inclusive, innovative, and high-performing workplace culture. We would particularly like to speak to candidates with clear strategies for how to attract more women developers to our team. You may also be asked to travel and represent the studio at various industry events.

As a small but growing company, we are open to working with part-time freelance practitioners, with the eventual goal of transitioning to a full-time, in-house role. That said, we will hire a full-time candidate if we find the right person.

Hinterland is a virtual studio. We support this distributed model with regular face-to-face team meetings, so some travel will be required. To facilitate communication in our distributed development environment, we prefer candidates who are able to work core hours that overlap with the Pacific Time Zone. Candidates who are legally permitted to work in Canada are preferred, but our first priority is hiring the best people we can find. We are a small team and intend to stay that way, so everyone we hire needs to be exceptional.

If you think this position sounds interesting and you meet the qualifications, we invite you to send your resume and cover letter to:



Hinterland is an equal-opportunity employer. The studio is comprised of a multi-national, multi-ethnic team. We value a diversity of backgrounds. We also value veteran experience and a strong work ethic that supports the studio’s culture and values. Our work ethic and production methodology is built around a “Getting Shit Done” paradigm. We embrace a flexible working environment that affords our team members the opportunity to enjoy family time and exercise self-care. We balance this out with very high expectations about the quality of output from everyone on the team. We offer a variety of perks, but do not believe perks are the same thing as culture.

(Also, everyone who joins our team gets a pair of slippers. They are nice slippers.)

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