Hinterland is headquartered in Cumberland, British Columbia, a former coal-mining town established in 1871, originally named Union (after the Union Coal Company). This historic character is reflected in village’s main street, with many original buildings, and in the studio’s location and architecture. Time spent experiencing the local geography—mountain forests, crystal clear lakes, crossroad towns, and the rugged coastline—have inspired the look and feel of the studio’s inaugural experience: The Long Dark.

The Hinterland team is comprised of veteran game developers, most having spent 10+ years in the traditional “triple-A” industry. The studio culture and work ethic is built around the search for quality and innovation in everything we do. We also value the balance between family and work, with many of our team members having young families.

While the studio is based on Vancouver Island, the team exists in a “post-geographical” sense, with 1/2 of the team being distributed in offsite clusters elsewhere in Canada (Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal), and in the United States (Los Angeles, Madison, and Cary). This distributed development model is possible thanks to technology, but mainly because Hinterland team members are selected for their experience, independence, professionalism, and dedication to communication.

We’re Hinterland. Join us on our journey.