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We also know many of our fans like to create trailers, short films, stories, art, and other work inspired by Hinterland Studio and The Long Dark. For these fan creations, we ask that creators clearly label their work as “fan-inspired” in the title and if applicable, in the video itself. This makes it easier for us to share all the compelling fan creations that emerge from our growing community.


Design and innovation are at the heart of the games created, developed and marketed by Hinterland Studio Inc. We have devoted and continue to devote significant resources in research and development to design products to create memorable original interactive experiences for our users. Hinterland takes great steps to protect and enforce its intellectual property rights so that our users are made aware and are assured of the quality and the source of our products. To protect our proprietary rights and quality, we rely on a combination of intellectual property rights in the United States, Canada and internationally, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secret laws, license agreements, and contractual provisions.

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